Juicy Jalebi

Today was a Short Story September masterclass and one of the writing prompts was based on the story by Irenosen Okojie ‘Kookaburra Sweet’. The whole masterclass was filled with fun writing prompts but this one was quite interesting and fun. Below is part of my first draft:

His head started turning slightly orange. Maybe it was the effect of the heat in this room while standing in the Garudasana, twisting his legs around each other and his arms around each other too. The orange was slowly spreading down his neck and down his body. At the same time, his head was turning bright orange and his whole body had now turned orange. She could see the fear in his eyes as he fell over to the side seemingly still stuck in the yoga position. He was starting to curl around on the floor now and still couldn’t seem to unravel himself. 

He was starting to sweat and panic. She could see the sweat sticking to his body, coagulating in places like sticky lumps of icing sugar. If she stood back far enough it looked like a half-eaten piece of jalebi. A circular pretzel-shaped deep-fried dough covered in a sugary syrup. In between the shock of what was happening, she was tempted to go over and lick him. Instead, she went over and tried to disentangle him, to try and fix him. Tentatively, she went over and started with his arm. It was hard and sticky and she was worried about hurting him. She grabbed his finger and tried to straighten it but a little bit fell off. She looked up at him in shock but his face had disappeared and only his eyes were visible and even that had turned orange.

What should she do now? She needed to clean her hands and then she should call the ambulance. She could smell something sweet and bought her fingers up to her nose. It smelt like fried sugary sweet dough that felt good enough to eat but maybe she was hallucinating from the heat and shock. Absentmindedly she licked her finger as she walked to the sink. It tasted sweet with a slight hint of jalebi. She washed her hands and dialled 999. 

‘Hello? Hi, I think I need the ambulance. We were doing yoga and my friend has turned orange and is stuck.’ 

‘Is he still breathing?’ the operator asked in an almost bored manner. 

‘ Yes’ she replied. 

‘Has he got a pulse?’ 

‘Well, I’m not sure’ She replied, ‘You see, he’s stuck in position and I can’t unravel him or even know where his pulse is.’ 

‘Right, an ambulance is on its way to you. Try and make him as comfortable as possible.’ 

‘Ok, thanks’ and she hung up to wait for the ambulance van. She switched the heating completely off and bought some water to maybe throw over him. Yet again she was tempted to eat him all up but resisted. Surely that would be carnivorous but the orange sticky sweetness of fried dough was so tempting.

Not sure where to go next so this is where it ends! I hope you enjoyed it.

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