Short Story September 2020 – Day 3

Today I decided to write out my first draft of the short story Day 3 prompt. The prompt was to write a story using all the following words: slice, prawns, mango, paperclip, lips, red, water, boy, design, rose, bomb, appointment, love, years, peacock.

So here it is:

The ripe orange mango sat on the table tempting and teasing Riya as she ate her prawn curry and rice. Mum had said she can eat the mango for dessert if she ate everything on her plate.

Riya loved mangos. She loved the juicy sweetness of the soft, orange, pulp, slowly scraping off every last morsel off the skin. She watched her mum as she picked it up and with years of practice expertly cut the mango into slices before laying them out on a plate and placing it in front of Riya.

Riya rose from the table and quickly took her empty plate to the sink. She flashed her hands in the water and ran back to her seat. Finally, she took the first delicious bite of her mouth-watering mango and licked the juice as it ran down her lips. She was in heaven, oblivious to everything else going on around her. Even if a bomb exploded right in front of her, her mum was sure she wouldn’t notice.

Mum’s eyes started to well up as she thought about Riya’s doctor’s appointment which had come through the post this morning. She looked at this list of things that she needed to bring with her and sighed. Mum grabbed the random lone red paperclip on the kitchen shelf to make sure she didn’t lose everything and tried not to worry about it.

They had planned a day trip to the farm for tomorrow and hoped to see some of Riya’s favourite animals like the peacocks and flamingos. A few of Riya’s friends were coming too – two girls and a boy. Mum wasn’t sure they would have a party for Riya this year so she had designed this fun weekend for Riya before the doctor’s appointment.

I hoped you enjoyed it.

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