In times of isolation…

Time seems arbitrary

While being in lock-down, I have found that there is so much time and yet I still feel restless.

However, time seems arbitrary. Going to sleep and waking up gets later and later and I hang onto the live online exercise sessions to get the day going. There’s no more needing to get up earlier and earlier so I can get everything that’s planned for the day done. No more trying to find a time to meet up with friends and family and wishing for less.

Less things to do. Less places to go. Less after-school activities.

But never less time.

We now have fewer things, activities and places to go. And so much time. We’re meant to enjoy this time at home with our closest family and commiserate the losses with everyone else.

Being Careful

It is cautiously relaxing but also a little surreal at the moment.

Once I’ve done this (insert a suddenly important but usually meaningless task), I’ll spend the rest of lock-down relaxing and doing all the fun stuff I’ve been meaning to do. I’ve got a list of CPD courses to catch up on, piles of books and magazines to read, and the never-ending list of things to do around the house all while attempting to home-school my girls.

Trips to Sainsbury’s are now slightly scary. There are long queues to get in, the 2 metre distancing, what if you get too close while shopping, what if you forget something? I mustn’t touch my face while shopping, wipe down everything afterwards, remember don’t get Covid-19 – just milk.

After the lockdown

And then when the lockdown’s over, we can go out and hug people? What if we get a second wave of Coronavirus and we all die anyway. Do we go back into lockdown again? How long for? Until we find a cure? Will we ever hug anyone again? Will we feel safe touching people?

Or is it as some people say, Mother Nature’s way of protecting herself. The environment is cleaner, safer and nicer for the animals and plants to thrive in. We too can breathe cleaner knowing that that pollution is down. Animals have taken over the road as we drive slowly behind a bird on our way back from Sainsbury’s.

Life is simple.

Life is uneasy.

We can keep in touch with our family and friends through video calls. Our new normal. Until we break.

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