Back to

I have decided to go back to my roots and back to I haven’t got the free version but I have definitely got the cheaper version to what I was paying. Hopefully, it will also be less hassle and less time-consuming in maintaining it. For now, all I want to do on the blog is to write and add some pictures – I LOVE CANVA!

In between, I was still using WordPress – but on Bluehost. It was useful when I was selling a few ebooks etc on it but it was starting to get expensive and I felt like I was paying more than what I was getting back. I decided that if I do go back to selling anything, I can go to another platform to sell it rather than from my blog.

Life is good!

For now, life is good. I am enjoying the part-time work I do and spending more time with the girls. After this tax return season is over, I should also have more time for things I enjoy like reading, writing and painting. AND also, to fix all the links in this blog that broke when I moved from Bluehost to There are 255 posts to review and fix!

The good and bad

The bad thing on this is that I don’t have Yoast SEO which used to be useful but I do have Grammarly so it’s not all bad. The other thing is in the moving of the blogs, I changed the blog name briefly and I’ve no idea if it all worked successfully or not and if anyone will even see this post.

I’m sure I’ll find more good and bad points for moving back to but I’ll carry on with this and see how it goes. If all I want to do on my blog is write this should be enough. So, here is my first of many posts of 2020.

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