I love Maths

I love maths and I love solving maths problems. I have since learned that this is not quite normal but anyway. My husband was good at maths when he was at school, so we both thought that somehow our daughters would love maths. Apparently we were wrong. With both my daughters being at school, I feel like I need to sit down and do some Maths work with them.

Maths at School

They both do times table at school – well to be honest, they had started this in reception year but now, it’s starting to take the form of times table as we know it. Maths has changed so much in the way it is taught compared to when I was at school.  

The girls school is quite good having parent teaching days where they show what and how they teach maths. They also say that parents need to help their children with some basic Maths skills – like learning the times table. So, I have been trying.

They have lots access to resources on the school website including a times table wizard thing on the laptop. Also, on our fairly short school drive, I sometimes have my daughters reciting the times table with the hope that it will help her remember it eventually. No wonder they love it when their dad drops them off.

On the internet

The internet, as always is a good place to find useful resources. Some of the really good things I found were:


This is a free website which allows you to choose which times table you want to practice and then generate a pdf of 40 questions.


This website has free and paid for resources and I think even the paid version is good value for money.  There are some really good resources on this website for nearly all areas of studying and I really do recommend this website.


And then there are books.  There are always so many books about everything and we already have some hand me downs from the girls’ cousins so I’ve got more than enough to keep them both busy for the next few years! With my older daughters times table test later this year, hopefully, I’ll be prepared to get her ready for them.

Initially, I was a little apprehensive about posting this blog. Who am I to blog about education and Maths? However, there is so much information available out there that it can get a little overwhelming. I decided that even if no-one else uses these links, I find them useful and constantly refer back to them. If you do have any more useful links though especially relating to Maths, please do share.

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