Back to work again

It’s been ages since I last blogged about anything. I’ve started writing a few and drafted a few but never got round to finishing or posting it anywhere. Being back to work feels good and I think a catch up is long overdue.

After finishing my last job, I realised that I enjoyed working in an office but I did specifically want a part-time job. I also enjoy working for someone else rather than myself because I only have to worry about doing the work rather than everything else related to running your own business. There’s less responsibility and therefore stress. Also, unless I want to think about work, when I finish for the day, that’s it. I don’t have to stay up till late trying to finish off things. 

Freelance writing

However, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I love writing most of the time, although at the moment I’m finding it hard to motivate myself. By sheer luck, I found a freelance job where I could write technical accountancy article. I love it but at the moment I find writing these articles quite difficult with my new part-time job and I was staying up late trying to finish it. Normally I wouldn’t have a problem staying up late to finish things. I love learning and doing challenges but I was getting tired and then I would get grumpy with the girls and that wasn’t the point of having a part-time job. I specifically wanted a part-time job so that I can spend more time with my girls – whether it’s having their friends around or getting them to practice their piano or do homework or just chill and watch a film.

Social Media Manager

I then thought maybe I can get into social media and looked at doing some courses. That would involve writing as well as looking at metrics, KPI’s and other figures so I would still be involved with numbers. If I then applied for a job that focussed on SM for accountants, I would have my accountancy experience to bring to the table too. I started and am midway through a course but not sure if I feel that passionate about it. I’m not that keen on marketing really but I do want to know more about social media in general so it is interesting for that.

Applying for jobs

While all of this was going on, I was also applying for various accountancy jobs with the specific condition that I wanted it to be part-time. Amazingly, there are more flexible accountancy jobs out there that work around the school run. Then within a couple of weeks of the girls being back at school, I landed the perfect job.

It’s for an accountancy practice doing year-end accounts and tax returns. The job is part-time and fits in perfectly around the school run. It’s a small practice, it’s fairly close and everyone is really friendly. At the moment, I really love being there. The work is good and doable and so far everything is going well. It’s only been just over a month so it’s still all new but it is good. It was good having a break of almost 9 years from the normal day to day of accountancy work in an office. Coming back to it feels like coming home. I realise how much I do like it and that I am fairly good at it. A great confidence boost if nothing else!

In the long run

I do worry about how it will all work out in the long run especially as the last job ended after one and a half years but I’m trying not to worry about the future and miss out on the good things now. I am at a place where I have been wanting to be for ages. Obviously, as the girls get older, things will change and who knows what I will be doing then. For now, everything is good and I do appreciate that.

My grandad

My grandad, on the other hand, is not so good and I don’t live near enough to help out. Things back at my parents home are hard and sad and its getting really difficult to look after my grandad. He has good days and bad days and you just have to take it as it comes for now. But that is the circle of life as they say in Lion King which btw, is an amazing film!

So to summarise, I have a good part-time accountancy job, my granddad’s not well and I’m in a bit of a writing funk but will hopefully get back into it again soon. I’ve just put my sleepwalking daughter back to bed and with that, I’ll sign off until next time, Ciao!

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