Short story course – session 6

Last Wednesday I attended the final short story workshop. It was a brilliant session as always and I didn’t want it to end. This session was on publishing and beyond so there was more listening and learning rather than doing any writing.


We have learnt about the different routes to publishing (the traditional way and self-publishing). We learnt about Rebecca’s own journey into publishing, the rejections she had to deal with and the mistakes she made and fixed along the way. However, not everyone wants their work published. You may just want to share your story with friends and family or just enter into competitions.

There was one person on the course who was in the process of getting a book deal. However, he had explored other options and had gone to a self-publishing course that day. In the past, he said it was seen as vanity publishing mainly because it was hard to get the book into a book shop. Things have changed since then and many self-publishing printers offer extra add ons such as editorial review, marketing etc. It is costly though.

6-month plan

At the end of the session, we were asked to make a six-month plan for our writing goals. I decided I was going to write four short stories at least – taking time off for Diwali and Christmas – so almost a short story a month. Furthermore, talking and listening to the other students in the class, I was very inspired to do more writing. One thing I do need to do is find a theme especially if one day I want to create a collection of short stories.

Find out more

These workshops were organised by Comma Press. Details of further short story course around the country can be found here:

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I missed Day 3 and never got round to writing about Day 4.

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