Personal Painting Collection

For this weeks blog post I drew a blank. I couldn’t think of anything to write about. I thought about updating my accounting blogs and putting a link to them all but then didn’t. I thought of finishing off a book review that I had started writing a while ago but that too I didn’t feel like finishing and posting. So then…

Canva posts and daydreams

I started scrolling through my Canva posts that I have created and thought about how much I love them all. They might not fit the mould of what a picture for a blog post should look like but I like them. While contemplating different parts of my blog, I thought about the things I need to do if I wanted to take blogging seriously.

I should create posts in advance and then schedule them out onto all the social media sites. I should have more appropriate, correct size images throughout my posts. I should have a call to action for readers of my blog to take up my services or products. There are so many shoulds that I almost forget why I blog. So, for the moment, I’ve decided I want to take a break from blogging seriously. I want to go back to almost spontaneously posting on my blog without too much planning or thinking. And guess what? It’s my blog, so I think I will!

My impromptu collection of paintings

Instead, I have decided to post some of my favourite paintings that I did last June. After following some posts on Instagram such as The Purple Pumpkin Blog and Jennie Maizels, (who I first discovered at Britmums 2017) I decided to make last June my painting/doodling/bullet journalling month. TBH, I’m not sure what its called but I decided for a month I would get a blank notebook, split each page into four and then in each section I would journal, list, paint and write a quote in calligraphy with fancy paints and pens.

The painting was done using Jennie Maizels method of copy and trace and then painted over it with watercolours. I’m not that good at drawing but I think I can copy well!

Anyway, I’m not brave enough to show the whole book, but here are some of my favourite paintings:

A mum and her daughters. Not that my daughters and I remotely look like this, but in my imagination, this is me and my girls!

I like elephants. I have been collecting miniature elephants ever since my first trip abroad to India when I was five. As soon as we boarded the plane, the air hostess gave everyone an elephant statuette. I still have mine and ever since, during any holiday abroad, I would try and bring back a miniature elephant statue.

My youngest daughter loves Unicorns. They do have lovely eyelashes!

We saw a peacock recently. It had its feathers up around itself but unfortunately it had its back to us so we couldn’t see the beautiful colours.

A ballerina in mid dance. This was fun to paint by splattering colours on a cut out piece.

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