Short Story Writing Course – Day 2

On Wednesday 1st May, I went to the second lesson of this short story writing course that Dr Rebecca Burns is teaching. I remembered last time feeling quite cold in this room and I thought with it being an evening, it might get cool again by the time we finish. I was wrong. This time the room was boiling hot when we first walked in although it became more bearable as the course went on.

The Big Reveal

The focus of the course was the Big Reveal style short story. We were given reading homework last month all in the style of a big reveal at the end. As I was off over Easter I also spent some time reading other short stories including a magazine and Leicester Writes anthology. There are some amazing short stories out there.

Anyway, we were given five scenarios for which we had to complete a big reveal. That was both scary and exciting at the same time. It was exciting to do and hear but also, I’m always convinced my idea is rubbish. Somehow, a lot of the big reveals turned out to be quite gory! It was fun to hear what other people came up with and their thought process to get there.

We then learnt and practised some other techniques on how to write. This included pathetic fallacy, telegraphing (which I found the hardest for some reason) and self-deception. Until I attended this course, I had never really heard of them. However, I am so glad that I do know about them now. I might even give the reading list stories another read to look out for these points!

Ends too soon

Just as last time, the two hours flew by and then we were given our homework to write a big reveal story. There were two stories I was working on from the class which I might try and use for the homework. I also had another idea. At the moment I want to write all three of them but I will see how it goes.

More details of the course can be found here:

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