5 jobs I’ve had…

There was a post on Twitter that started with ‘5 jobs I’ve had’. In response, people listed any (as far as I can tell) five jobs that they have had. This got me thinking about the jobs that I have had and how many people don’t really have a job for life any more.

Just in case you are interested, my five jobs are:

  • Careers librarian (at school and not paid) 
  • Factory worker (at my granddad’s factory)
  • Accountant
  • Maths and English tutor
  • Blogger
  • Writer


Another article I read recently from the BBC talked about ‘slashies‘ – people having more than one job because they want to. The article talked about people having four or five different jobs which made me think I too could do (possibly am doing) that in a way. Although, being a mum is still time-consuming and doesn’t get easier as the girls get older as some people had promised!

Anyway, it got me thinking about my jobs and skill set. I wonder if there was anything that I could be really good at and still enjoy doing. I mean I enjoy writing but I’m always doubting myself as to how good I actually am at it. This led me to the prospects career website and looking at random jobs of which business adviser sounded like the best fit. However, what struck me the most is the huge, ginormous variety of jobs that are available: from machine learning engineer to nutritional therapist; mudlogger to penetration tester; to the more well-known solicitors, doctors and accountants, there are a lot of jobs.

I remember when doing the digital mums course – Digital Retox, being told that the job you’re children will do has probably not even been invented yet! The range of jobs is set to carry on expanding.


Epidemiologist was apparently my number one job based on the quiz I took. My top ten jobs in the quiz were mainly based around working in the health sector with paralegal and urban designer added in to mix it up a bit! It did make me wonder if they were being sponsored by the NHS!

I did read a little bit about epidemiology as I hadn’t really ever heard of it before. It didn’t really appeal to me enough to want to change my career!

At 91% I got digital copywriter compared to 93% for my perfect match. Eventually, at 89% I got an accountant and sub-editor which was the closest match to my career to date. So I’m not placing too much reliance on this quiz. Although I have to admit, I didn’t fully complete my profile information which might have skewed my results a little.

Job for right now

Unlike in the past where a good job was for life, it is common to hear about people changing jobs or having more than one job. The fact that some jobs are not really paid well and so another job is required to supplement their income, such as writers and dancers, is another big reason for people having more than one job. Alternatively, some people do need more than one job just to pay the bills and make ends meet.

Finally, there are some people who just can’t stick to one job. I read this one book – Refuse to Choose which made you feel ok for not choosing one thing and sticking to it. Being a ‘jack of all trades’ is not always a bad thing.

With so many different jobs out there, people are spoilt for choice on what career to follow, and so if you enjoy more than one thing, go for it all but also, give it your all.

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