Short Story Writing Course – Day 1

Ok, I admit, I’m a bit of a course junkie, especially when it comes to online courses as they are sooo flexible.

However, on Wednesday 3rd April 2019, I attended the first day of the short story writing course in Leicester. It was a two hour course and it was the first time in ages that I’ve attended a course which involved physically going to a classroom and meeting other people.

First day of the course

In this first lesson, there was an introduction to the ‘form’ of short stories interspersed with 10-minute exercise in thinking of headline-grabbing titles, memorable first sentences and even a paragraph for a start of a short story.

On this first Wednesday, there were seven of us women in the classroom of varying ages and level of experience. The eighth person couldn’t make this class.

The room

The lessons were held in a cold, dirty, slightly run down room. Some of the desks were covered in white flecks of dust which looked like someone had tried to clean the ceiling and then changed their minds and had left it. The chairs and floors were clean though but the walls looked a bit dirty  and old. However, maybe it was a ploy to get us thinking in a creative manner by placing us in a dilapidated room. I’m sure there must be a famous quote about struggle and creativity.

Nevertheless, in order to get to this room in the first place, it was a complete maze, going up and down and through different rooms. So, if the condition of the derelict room and the struggle to get to the room didn’t put you off, then you deserved to be there. I’m glad that I went.

It was so lovely to meet everyone, it was so interesting to learn about writing short stories, and it was good to actually write something. Even if it was not a full story but to get the creative writing juices flowing again was really good. 


We had some reading homework and then some of the questions that we didn’t have a chance to do in the class was also given to us to complete at home. I love doing all the reading and I love all the creative writing I have the chance and joy to do.

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