Merry Christmas and Free Download

Christmas Greetings!

I’m not sure when or if my obsession for planners will ever go. I see a new planner and I want to get it.  Luckily the price of some planners stop me in my tracks!

My Pro Planner

Last year, the only planner I did sort of use was the ‘My Pro Planner’. So naturally I have got another one for this year again! It has a week-to-view spread where you can write your appointments on, a to-do list underneath and a little section for notes. 

At the end of each month there is a review section and tracker for social media and finance.  This years planner is very similar but with half hour appointment slots rather than hourly ones.


Another book I used this year was a 100 day gratitude journal which I have found very useful. At the beginning, I was wondering what to write about  being grateful. However, there are some helpful tips and the more I wrote it, the more I appreciated the things I have. Also, as it is only 100 days rather than a year, I didn’t mind so much using it.

Before that, I decided to do my version of a monthly bullet journaling challenge. I say my version because most bullet journal challenges have a painting or drawing theme which you have to follow for a month. My month of journaling involved writing a diary/ painting/ writing out inspiring quotes and a to-do list in a blank book that I divided into four sections. The cover picture (below) is one from that month of daily painting/journaling.

My personalised planner

In the attached planner, I have collated some of the interesting and useful things I have found in different planners and journals and have put them all in one download.

Some of the things in this planner are yearly, weekly and daily planners along with space to write things down such as all the things that you want to do/ manifest and a daily accountability checklist.

This daily accountability checklist allows you to write some positive things that you have done and will do in the week ahead and then tick it off as you do it. Some examples of what to write include drinking 2 litre of water in the day, or spending time with family, or having me time to read a book etc.

Anyway, take a look and download the planner here.

Planners Collection FREE download

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