Pre-half term holiday sickness

A week before the end of the first half term, the girls started taking it in turns to be ill. First off, the youngest one has a cough and cold and heartrendingly asks me ‘Why do I always get ill?’ I really don’t know but she does seem to get coughs and colds a lot more than my older daughter. Maybe it’s because she’s still young.

On Monday morning, my first day of an exciting new office move and I get a call from school that my older daughter has been sick in class. Luckily my husband was working from home and so he went to pick her up.  When you have been sick, you have to have 24 hours off school so the next day she was at home.

Wednesday, they both went to school and everything was ok, as was Thursday apart from coughs, colds and general whinging and whining. Friday morning my youngest wakes up to a nose bleed all over the bed and it was still bleeding a bit until we got to school but then luckily it stopped. The older daughter seemed fine and was excited about her school trip. But at 1 o’clock I get a phone call saying that my older daughter has a temperature and needs picking up. So, I had to leave work early to go and pick her up even though I had originally planned to leave early to go to my younger daughter’s Gruffalo party which I then ended up missing.

I picked up my older daughter and she just took herself straight to bed – which is unusual in itself as she normally hates going to sleep at any time of the day but she did sleep until it was time to pick up my younger daughter. After that we went straight home – no after school activities.

In the evening, my younger daughter while watching TV said she couldn’t hear it well and to put the sound up. A little while later she starts crying saying her ear hurts. The next day the both seem fine but the younger one seems to have started getting a temperature and began complaining about her ear again. I put her to sleep in the afternoon and then when she woke she seemed a bit better so we carried on doing what we had planned.

Sunday, the younger daughter wakes up crying and saying her ear hurts. By then, I was sure she had an ear infection and I recall from an earlier experience with infection and doctors, that if I leave it too late, antibiotics don’t work. I decided I wasn’t going to risk it this time and so I called the NHS helpline 111. I managed to get an appointment at the walk-in centre and we got some antibiotics.

The rest of this week has not been so bad. They spent two days at their grandparents’ house over the holidays and for the rest of the week I have been at home with them. It has been quite nice having lie ins and no rushing around but we’ll need to get back into the school routine over the weekend before they go back to school.

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