September almost done

It feels like September is almost done even though there is still a week left. This month has been busy again. With the girls going back to school and everyone attempting to get back into a routine things look good for a while and then the first birthday party of the season starts.

My daughter has her birthday party coming her. My angst leading up to this party can be found here: Birthday party season starts

On the plus side, though I get to make party bags again and decorate the house! I wrote a post about making your own party bags a while ago which you can read here – Personalised Party Bags and you can download an updated version here –  Make your own personalised party bags

Anyway, while I still remember here is my checklist of things to remember for the party:

• Birthday cake
• Candles
• Matches
• Cake knife
• Plate to eat the cake or something to take the cakes home in
• Number balloon
• Other balloons
• Paper plates and cups and napkins
• Party bags
• Back up games to play to keep the kids entertained
• Colouring
• Pass the parcel
• Pin the tail on the donkey

This too can be downloaded here – Birthday Party because as it gets closer to the party day, I’m sure to forget something.

Finally, an update to a post I had written previously, the abolition of Class 2 NIC has now been scrapped. The original post can be found here: National Insurance Recap

That’s all for now, until next time.


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