Happy New School Year

Happy New School Year!

This was an interesting summer holiday juggling work and childcare for six weeks. In so many ways I’m glad they are back to school. We can get back into a routine and they are not just sitting at home doing not a lot. However, I miss the mid-week lie-ins, half-hearted pyjama days and the no rushing around whatsoever.

The first ten days were spent abroad on our annual family holiday, they then spent a week at my mum’s house for the first time ever. After that, I had three weeks left which I then decided to split between looking after them at home, with my mother in law and at summer holiday camp. I had planned so much for the one day off I have with them, somehow it didn’t quite go to plan and I ended up feeling that I didn’t get to spend enough time with them. But I’m making changes so that I can spend quality time with them on a regular basis. Hmm. I’ll let you know how that goes…

My pre-holiday and mid-holiday post can be found here:

Mid-summer holiday blues

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Cultural Appropriation

There were a few things that I stumbled across on social media over the holidays that got me thinking. First and foremost being how influential social media really is.

On a fairly what I assumed neutral Instagram account of a yoga teacher that I follow, I came across some terms that I had never heard of before. White feminism and cultural appropriation. I’m still not 100% sure I know what it all means and feel that maybe I am in a privileged position to truly appreciate the people who fight for it. It all started with the cultural appropriation of a bindi and I’m going to leave it there until I fully understand it, if I ever do. The yoga teacher wrote about this and can probably explain it better.

This can be found here:  http://rachelbrathen.com/cultural-appropriation-inclusivity-and-yoga-what-ive-learned/

More blog posts on the same topic can be found here:  http://rachelbrathen.com/blog/

 iWeigh Movement

The other thing which took off was the #iweigh movement by the actress Jameela Jamil. It started as a fight against judging people – mainly girls – based on how much they weigh. I guess society’s obsession with looks has always been there but with social media people are constantly bombarded with these sort of images and messages. It’s crazy! Either way Jameela Jamil and the iweigh accounts are good to follow.  http://jameelajamil.co.uk/

With all these thoughts going on in my head, I even considered giving up blogging. Life is fairly good and I want to spend time with my girls and time improving my work. I sometimes write blog posts in bulk, especially if they are book reviews or other types of reviews which I can write in advance. I’ll see how I feel but as it is my blog I can do whatever I want.

Having a break

Having a break from it or at least not putting so much importance on it at the moment might be what I need to do for now. I have got my dream job in writing which was one of the aims of my blog. If I’m in a situation where I need to find work again or need more work, I can resuscitate it whenever I want. Anyway, I’ve not decided yet and I do have a few blogs ready to post so I will see what happens after that.

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