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My daughters are 5 and 7 and are both in school bringing homework back on a regular basis. During this last school year, I feel like I haven’t spent that much time with them, helping them with their school work or even doing any extra work. I’ve heard of parents sending their children to private tutor lessons to help boost their learning. At the moment though, I want to hold this off for as long as possible mainly because I like all things educational.


In an attempt to help them with their homework and become interested in studying, I’ve bought books and subscribed to education sites. However, I feel like I spend a lot of time scouring the internet looking for what I think they need to focus on, instead of actually helping them. I know research is something that they will need to learn when completing projects, but when I’m looking for something that reinforces how to tell the time or do some multiplication, I end up going on lots of different websites.

So far, I’ve bought lots of books, downloaded free apps and printed off worksheets from different websites.

Using Books

With books, I don’t want them to write in the books just in case they want to use it again so I end up photocopying pages which is time-consuming and costly on my little printer. Downloading and printing pages, however, is so much easier.

Recently, I’ve been introduced to an education website called education.com. It’s an American website so there may be some differences in certain things especially when it comes to spelling. However, the time game and the multiplication worksheets are all so far so amazing!

The maths worksheets on this website are similar to the questions I photocopied from a book for my older daughter but all I need do here is press print. Plus, you can choose what type of multiplication she does based on year and type of question you are looking for. I’ve attached an example of one that you can download at the bottom of this post.

Help your little one’s get excited for school by multiplying the reasons why they love it. For more fun and engaging math activities, go to Education.com!


On Education.com, there are also guided lessons that you can assign to each child. From here you can keep track of how they are doing and what they have done. This does involve giving them a laptop, which I’m still a bit cautious about unless I am there with them. I’m working on it though and if I save it as a shortcut from the desktop, maybe there less of a chance of them going off on to other different websites.

Finally, there are games that they can play on it. One of my youngest daughter’s favourite is this flower maze which I’ve attached. Education.com is full of learning resources and games just like this!

If you do go on their website, there is currently a 50% discount, if you want their premium membership. This gives you unlimited downloads, more tailoring of your worksheets and no ads.


I’ve attached an example of the multiplication worksheet here with answers.

The maze worksheet is attached here with the answer.

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