7 things I hate about going on holidays abroad

Don’t get me wrong, I love going on holidays abroad but there are a few things that I do hate.

1. Coffee

For some reason, wherever I go, even if its to Costa, I don’t generally like coffee. I prefer my own version of coffee using a kettle and coffee from a coffee jar. I’ve never been a big coffee drinker in that I need to drinks lots to get through the day and recently I’ve cut back on sugar, although after going on holiday it has gone up again. However, the first morning I got there, I was craving some coffee and nothing tasted good enough.

2. My Bed

Why are beds on holiday so soft? I suffer from a bad back every so often and soft beds don’t help. Plus, even when we ask for a family room, they give us a room with one double bed and one sofa bed. I end up sharing the bed with the girls including all the kicking and pushing that comes with my younger daughter while my husband is relegated to the sofa bed. It’s ok but not fantastic.

3. The piles of laundry to do after

When we go on an all-inclusive holiday, I try to make the most of it. It’s all inclusive and therefore no work for me whatsoever (except rinsing swimming suits). I make sure we take enough clothes that we don’t need to wash anything until we get back. This does mean I am now on my 5th load of washing.

4. The slightly bloated belly I come back with

This probably ties in with me not doing any work and having food and drink on demand. It’s brilliant, its relaxing and I do abuse it a bit too much. Every year I say I’m going to eat more salads on holiday and join in with all the activities that are going on. Instead, I usually end up drinking all the cocktails going, snacking between the salads and reading in the shade next to the swimming pool.

5. Indian Food

Our all-inclusive holidays provide us with buffet lunch and dinner however, after a while it all becomes a bit same-y and I start craving just a little spice. When we went Cuba, we were advised to take tabasco sauce. Most place now do have this but it still not quite the same. We did find an Indian restaurant while we were out there – Little India in Playa Blanca if you ever go – and it was good restaurant food but not quite the same as home cooked food.

6. Swimming pools

By the end of the holidays, I probably know a detailed description of every single swimming pool on the complex. My daughters both love it. For 10 days, this is all they talk about. Which pool they are going to, what they are going to do there and what swimming pool gadget they are going to take while I try and recall where the best shaded sunbeds are next to each pool, to allow me to read in peace but still keep one eye on them.

7. Unpacking

While putting on a load of laundry, if I can unpack fast enough, we can get the suitcases back in the loft before my husband goes back to work. This is the part I hate. We end up throwing things into different suitcases hoping that the weight has been evened out and we are ready to come back home.
Unpacking it ends up being a treasure hunt looking for things that you need for the next day. The contents of the bag get strewn all over the place if I don’t get there first. Unpacking means that laundry will be inevitable. Unpacking our suitcases also makes the end of our holiday a reality, even if I can find 7 things to hate about the holiday, there are so many priceless memories.

I love spending time with the girls, even if they are in the pool all the time, I can still see them, I get to talk to them when they come out and I am really missing them being at their grandparents’ house because I have to go to work (plus they want to spend time with the girls too). I love how much sleep I get to have, I love the obligatory massage I end up booking and I love the books I get to read. Time sometimes feels like it has stopped still when we go traipsing to the pool with the girls and my husband again but if I were to have Groundhog Day, I would happily do it here forever!



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