Bollywood Nights with Amazon Prime

Every Friday is Bollywood Night. My husband goes to play football and this is the one night of the week that I don’t have to rush around getting them to be on time. Friday’s we can all relax a little as there’s no school the next day. We also have pizza on Friday night and then I get to watch Indian films that I want to watch. The only reason I can get the girls to watch is because they can stay up later than usual.

Dancing to the songs

Depending on what time I start, they are either acting like they are really into it and then fall asleep on top of me or decide they want to copy the dancing, then forget they were dancing and go off and start playing with their toys. I don’t really mind the either option as I get to watch the Bollywood film in peace.

So there are about three ways I watch the film, Netflix, download them or I’ve recently discovered that if you have amazon prime, you get to rent some really good, new Bollywood films.

Recently released film

A few months ago I watched Padmavat, a very controversial recently released film that I had been wanting to watch for a while. There’s also subtitle available which my older daughter insists on having it on so she can understand what’s going on and so can I. As much as I love Bollywood films, I don’t always understand it and end up making some of it up in my head.

Plus every week, I get an email updating me what new Bollywood film has been released on amazon. Apart from the amazing up to date Bollywood films on amazon, you get next day delivery and every so often you get some free books on kindle. I still haven’t figured out how this part works so I need to look into that.

Box sets on Amazon

However, there are lots of other box sets that are really good to watch – Start Up is one that I have started watching with my husband. It’s about cryptocurrency and mining and IT related stuff but somehow we are both into it.

Finally, Amazon Prime have a 30 day free trial so I would definitely recommend getting it and trying everything out. Once you do I don’t think you will ever turn back from it.

My affiliate link is here if you don’t have amazon prime and want to try it out:

[amazon_link asins=’B00N28818A,B071ZTJWM7′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’anaccoandamum-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’f8ebc63a-8527-11e8-a1e5-15245302ecda’]


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