The 7 Year Cycle

As I’m sitting on the train back from London for what could be the last time in a very long time, it’s starting to feel like an end of an era. Working from home, for a company in London, has been the best thing I have had in a long time, and looking through my CV, it is also the longest job I have had to date.

Within a few months after maternity leave ended and I attempted to go back to work, I realised that this was not really what I wanted to do. I wanted to work for myself so I could have the flexibility and the time to do what I want with the girls.

Once I left this job, I didn’t really have another plan to fall back on and applied for every part-time, flexible jobs I could find. I started and left several jobs that offered that flexibility I needed until eventually found one that I enjoyed and stayed there for over 4.5 years.

Meanwhile, I carried on blogging and vaguely pursuing writing gigs in between accounting jobs. I wasn’t bold enough to throw everything in and start a new career in just writing, especially after spending almost 17 years in some form of accountancy work. I applied to anything that fitted accountancy, tax and writing and was flexible. Then this job came along. I was bold enough to go for the job but still didn’t give up my accountancy job until now.

Having structure to my day and my week now that both girls are at school really helps. Working from home was good when I could have lie ins some days, after working late into the night or looking after a sick child through the night. However, as is the case with having children, things constantly change and with both girls at school, another change was bound to happen.

Looking back though, nearly every 7 years, my life changes, usually for the better and its generally a huge shift. Starting a new career in writing is a big change, 7 years earlier, I had my first daughter which was 7 years after I got married!

I know it is just luck but this made me look into the number 7. Wikipedia shows a long list of uses for the number 7 – some of them include:

• The seven wonders of the world
• Seven chakras on the body
• The seven seas
• Seven days of the week
• Seven deadly sins
• 007 – James Bond
• Snow white and the seven dwarfs
• Not forgetting my daughters’ favourite song, ‘Once I was seven years old’

These are only a few reasons why 7 is so lucky. Obviously, I then had to see what Wikipedia said about the numbers 8 and 9 which also have reasons for being so popular!

Anyway, I’m excited to see what this next phase of my life brings and now I’m also ready to fully embrace it. Along with changes to my career, I’m hoping to bring some changes to this blog too so keep a look out!

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