Juggling two part-time jobs

Since February, I have been juggling two part-time jobs as well as doing everything else. Last month I finally admitted that this was getting too much especially since being a mum and getting sleep was starting to suffer. 

I’m not perfect and I know that I sometimes start to procrastinate when things get too hard to deal with. I end up wasting my time and then start worrying about all the things I have to do instead of being productive and getting on with things. I knew something had to give.

Writing Job

The writing job is 20 hours with set times which fits neatly between the school runs. This one has good cut off points in terms of doing the work. Although, I still haven’t figured out how to deal with school holidays and seem to be winging it so far.


The other job, a bookkeeping job is roughly 10 hours a week but its flexible hours. This is why I thought I could do a couple of hours every night and everything would be fine. However, I didn’t factor in how tired I would be and doing more work after coming home. Even on my day off, doing more work was just not very tempting. I would then spend the rest of my free time thinking about it and wondering when I can fit in a few hours.

Sometimes, I do wonder if I have maybe become lazier or whether getting older makes you less capable of multi-tasking. Whatever it is, I’ve decided that if I wanted to get better at writing and wanted to give the writing job my best, which I still feel so lucky to have got, I need to give it my all without losing out on sleep or worrying about how to fit in more work.

The bookkeeping job was perfect while my daughters were so young and it came at the right time for me. On days the kids were ill, I could have them on my lap and work on the laptop in the sitting room. Night time nursing would sometimes include simple bookkeeping work on the laptop. I could indulge in a lie in later on, or even a day off if either of the girls had spent the night puking up. Once, I had even taken my granddad to the hospital and decided to update a project online, on my phone, while waiting to be seen. Okay, so the last one was a bit extreme but I was quite impressed that I could do it.

A job for life

I always thought that I would keep bookkeeping and fit any other work I picked up around it. In the four and half years that I have been bookkeeping, I have tired and left a few other contracts. Something about the other contracts wouldn’t work or fit in and I would revert back to the bookkeeping.

The one thing I did carry on doing though was blogging and enjoying the writing. However, I accepted it as more of a hobby that I will eventually and hopefully get better at. Obviously making money from it was a dream but I really hadn’t expected to get something like this writing job from it so soon.

Since February I have been paid to write, which is fun but also hard work especially when you realise how rubbish your writing is and how much work needs to be done! The best thing about my personal blogs away from work, is that you don’t need to worry too much about grammar, spelling etc and I have bought the book Eat, Shoots and Leaves which is apparently ‘a must read’.

Tax Returns

I still have a few tax returns to do that keeps me still in the accounting loop. The writing I do is accounting based so I’m not moving away from accounts but it feels good to do something other than just bookkeeping and accounts and tax returns. I can now spend more time on the accounts I do do and with possibly more interest. Any free time I have, I can spend with my kids and practice making my writing better.

It feels like a good plan for now, for however long it lasts. Although as it gets closer to the end of my 4.5 year contract, a part of me is wondering if I have made the right decision. Why am I throwing away this good contract for something that involves a lot more hard work and learning?

I have to keep convincing myself that I am good and that its not the end of the world if it all goes to pot.

I originally wrote and posted the first version of this blog here:   https://www.accountingweb.co.uk/community/blogs/lilac1/juggling-two-part-time-jobs


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