Digital Retox Course

Digital Retox is a course delivered by Digital Mums, a social media training company that is specifically aimed at mums to make them work ready and still have the flexibility of working from home.

Every year when the social media manager course comes up on my emails asking if I want to do it, I contemplate, decide that I’m not really ready for this and then watch the price go up.  They created a new pilot course but I still didn’t do it, they created another pilot course and this time I jumped at the chance.  I’m so glad I did as it was a really interesting course and it was quite nice to talk to people on google hangouts and see them and realise that it is quite possible to work remotely and still be connected.

The Course

Digital Retox gives an overview of all the digital apps and products that you can use to make your life organised and help you with work. It briefly covered the social media tools available, digital organising apps that are available and which ones they use and love.

The course also covered something which is in the news a lot – about your own personal brand and how to sell yourself especially if you are a mum looking for a new job. An outline of coding was covered which seems so interesting and if my kids ever get into that, which I think they should I would probably join them!


Finally, it ended with a voluntary project that combined all the skills you had learned along the way such as using Google Hangouts, Slack, Trello and big data. Each project had roughly 10 – 12 people who were then divided into smaller teams and in the project, we had to create a survey, collect the data from the survey and present it.

We were then given a virtual badge that you can attach to your LinkedIn profile to show what we had done and feedback on our project was also given. All of which I still need to update.

Keeping up with the kids

There are so many things that I keep thinking about. How being able to present data in a simple and visually pleasing manner is so important.  I think this is one thing I was really interested in learning more about one day. Another thing that struck me was that, with the speed of how fast technology was developing that by the time our kids start work, they will be doing jobs that don’t even exist at the moment.

So often we hear about the negatives of social media but the course higlihgted how social media can be used to our advantage. We can use itto create twitter lists to find relvenat information on a praticular  subject or interest. Diferent apps such as pocket and medium can be used to save favourite articles to read later.  There is so much out there that we can do with technology it amazes me.

I’m glad I did the course because originally, I thought I knew quite a bit. I was wrong. I’ve heard of Trello and Asana and pocket before but I really didn’t have much practice in it until I started this course. Even Google hangouts I’ve never used until now and it is quite good – another useful Facetiming style app. And it’s always good to learn about new and upcoming technology and how it’s going to affect our lives.

On a personal level I really enjoyed doing the course and finding out more about digital apps on a work level there were quite a few useful parts which I do want to go off and find more about but as the course emphasises over and over again, that it is lifelong learning. There is no need to stop because of your age or your job or your lifestyle.

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