Go Drink Posh Rum!

Of all the acronyms that have recently come out, GDPR seems to be the one that is taking the limelight at the moment.  It doesn’t, unfortunately mean Go Drink some Posh Rum, not that I’m even sure what rum would be considered posh.  Anyway, in the interest of being GDPR compliant, here are some of the things that I have done and that you may need to know about:

  1. I’ve updated my Cookie Policy – link can be found here
  2. I’ve updated my Privacy Policy – link can be found here
  3. I’ve updated my Terms and Conditions – link can be found here
  4. I’m in the process of updating all my email opt ins – the main opt in page, which is through Mailchimp, can be found at the bottom of this email.

However, I’ve realised I have two methods of collecting emails – one by Mailchimp as I have mentioned above and the other by Jetpack which have their own GDPR compliant policies. I have now disabled that one…I think.

Once I have sorted it all out, if there are any relevant updates and all future updates, I will post on this policies page.

And yes, I did leave it to the last minute! Thanks to Aleena at Mummy Mama Mum for her help with Bloggers GDPR on the day before it came into effect.

P.S. After a quick google search I found that Harvey Nichols stocks luxury rum if you do fancy Going and Drinking Posh Rum after all this commotion!

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