An eventful start to the year

On the last day of January, while most accountants are knuckling down making sure the last tax return has been completed and filed on time, I had a meeting with a company. A company that offered me work writing about accounts. Can you believe that? 

Who knew over 7 years ago, when I first started blogging on various sites and then started my own blog that I would enjoy writing and eventually get paid to write? I am now about a month into this job and really love it. At the beginning, I was very worried that I have all these high hopes about what I will be doing and then when I start I will be completely over my head struggling to cope.  I’ve never been paid to do any work like this before. Although I am enjoying it and it is almost exactly what I want to do, I’m still a little worried that I still might mess up.

Maternity Cover

It’s only for maternity cover of 12 months so if I don’t like it there is an end in sight. Or if they decide that I’m not doing well there is an end for them too! But the person I spoke to suggested that there may be a chance to stay longer if the role develops. I originally applied for a different role, a part time tax writer quite a few months ago but didn’t get that. I was disappointed at the time but then forgot about and decided to focus on my blog. At the beginning of this year, I received an email saying this position had come up and if I was interested. Errr….Yes!

Pinching myself

I’ve been so excited about starting this job and also not quite believing it. It’s a part time role with working from home eventually, so it fits in with my current bookkeeping role that I still enjoy.  Apparently, it was partly due to these blog that I got this role. The person who recommended me has been following and reading my blogs and she likes what she has read. I’m still in shock about how I got this work and that I have it, although the bookkeeping work was also through my blogs. It is amazing how social media is revolutionising the work place.

Blogs, reviews and radio

Another strange thing that happened in January was being asked to come on our local BBC radio station because I’m an accountant, a mum and a blogger and apparently opinionated!  There’s been no confirmation of this yet.  I was originally contacted through twitter about it but this one is even more terrifying. I’m happy hiding behind written words on a blog but talking and on radio is a completely new ball game. 

Finally, when I decided to focus on my blogs, I’ve found there is a whole new different world out there with blogs. There are so many ways to monetise your blog. I’ve had an offer for a paid day out with my family in return for a review.  Apparently, there are lots of opportunities like that out there if you just ask.  However, for now the blogging part of my life will stay as it is while I juggle this new role and my bookkeeping role in between school runs and after school activities. Things are looking up!

A version of this blog was originally posted on Accountingweb here:

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