Why do people blog?

I have been thinking about my blogging journey and looking at how I want my blog to develop. This got me looking at lots of other different blogs. So far, I have found about five different types of blogs.


1.       To record their life

2.       To raise awareness for a cause 

3.       To showcase their skills

4.       To promote a business

5.       To make money


Starting with the first one, I believe this is how most personal blogs start off. There are so many parenting blogs, it’s phenomenal.  It’s very hard to find the time to read all of these blogs so I guess what happens generally is that you find your community and virtually socialise with them. Becoming a mum can be a hard and lonely experience especially if you feel isolated from adult conversation for most of the day. Blogging therefore, can be a good way to find your tribe – as these communities are called. It doesn’t have to be a big community but if you do want to sell something or generate an income in the future, the bigger the community the better.


Raising awareness for a cause or belief

Another great reason to blog is to make a change in the world, or even the world of one person. If you have suffered through some sort of injustice or trauma, this kind of blog helps in may ways.  It’s a creative outlet to let your pain out as well as bringing a lot awareness to your cause. These blogs can be heart wrenching to read or hear. But by bringing awareness to a situation, it can help other people who might be going through the same thing or even bring about a big change. In both of the two blogs types above there is an element of inspiring and helping other people. 


Showcasing your skills

If you are an author or artist of any sorts, then this is a good place to show what you can do. As an artist, you can show your designs or art work or crafts. As an author or writer of any sorts, the blog is a perfect place to write short stories, essays and even promote your book.  If you have enough blog posts you can easily collate them and produce a book from it.  Even though I’m neither of these, as an accountant, my blogs have allowed me to find work. As long as you like writing and are happy to blog and produce lots of content, this can be a good way to find work.


Promote a business

It now seems to be the norm that big businesses have blogs. They maybe technically blogs or promotional blogs or basically anything to get people to come and visit your website and be interested in buying your products.


Make money

Finally, this is one of the areas that I am now looking at. I find this hard to do as it involves having lots of followers to start with and then producing content that they would be interested in and ready to buy.  Finding the time to do all this on a shoestring is another thing altogether!  There are many ways to make money though. 

Affiliate links are one of the most popular and easiest to do.  If you have or use things you like and decide to blog about it, check the company has an affiliate link and then add it in.  If anyone is interested in it and buy it through your link, you receive a small commission. 

Another way is producing online or digital products. Although just creating them is not enough and you need to then use your blog to promote it as much as possible. Branding is another way to make income. From what I can tell about branding so far is that you advertise your lifestyle and then contact brands to ask them if they would be interested in working with you for their product because it fits in with your lifestyle.


My blog

Well these are the reasons I know as to why people blog. So far, my blogs have been a mixture of 1 and 3, starting off as a diary but somehow getting work from it.  I am now looking at generating an income from my blogs. Whether, I have the guts to pull it off or not waits to be seen.  However, if my writing skills are good and I can get more work because of it, then I’m not so worried about the last part and just write and blog because I like doing it.


Should I blog?

Have I piqued your interest in blogging?  I have been following so many bloggers and attempting to find a community that I am interested in.  There are so many really good bloggers but if you are interested in blogging and not sure where to start, you should definitely go and have a look at some of these blogs





Who knows I might virtually see you there one day!

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