A Sugar Free Month

It’s Wednesday, the last day of January and I am currently in process of gorging all the chocolates and sweet treats and drinking as many sugary coffees as I can before I start my sugar free February. Part of me is wondering why I am doing it but then another part of me knows all the benefits of cutting down on sugar at least.

It’s only 28 days. I managed to control my diet when I had gestational diabetes with my second daughter – that was hard. I almost wished they had given me tablets as I felt that would have been easier to deal with rather than having to resist temptation every day for at least 6 months. So, in comparison 28 days should be really easy. When I was younger and had more will power, I used to fast every week – partly religious and partly diet reasons. Since having kids though, I feel like my will power has completely gone. I can fast once a week, for a week before I give up.

Articles on sugar

Anyway, I started reading more about sugar – the white stuff and found so many articles about its dangers!

From New Scientist, there are many articles but I started on this:

From the BBC Good food guide I found this interview with Davina McCall:

And the Cancer Research website where I originally got this idea from is here:



Just 28 days

I know doing just 28 days of sugar free is going to one extreme and might not completely solve all my problems but I’m hoping that even after the 28 days I can keep my refined sugar consumption down. After my gestational diabetes was over and I could eat sugar again I thought I would binge on sweet stuff. Instead I found some of the things too sweet to eat when before I would add extra sugar to it. After my pregnancy, I didn’t think much about it and just ate as normal as possible. Looking after a baby was time consuming enough. Recently though, I’ve been thinking about it again. I have been worried about my daughters and my sugar consumption and know that I need to do something to make a start somewhere.

Making a start with a charity close to my heart – Cancer Research which affects so many people is a good start. My first dilemma is what is allowed that is sweet that I can eat? I’ve made a conscious decision not to eat any refined sugar and junk food. So no sugar in my coffee and cutting out all chocolate, puddings, biscuits and sweets. I’m not going to cut out fruits. In the ‘sugar free February’ pack I received from Cancer Research, it does say you can eat fruits as it has other benefits. I’m not too sure if that’s cheating but I don’t eat enough fruits as it is so if I eat more fruits that will good.

I think my worst time of the day will be around 3.30-4pm. After I pick up the girls I always want something to snack on. To start, I’ll see how this week goes and then I’ll try to plan the month with sugar free snack foods.

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