How to make your own personalised party bags

This blog is a slight detour from my usual blogs. I love personalised party boxes and bags and I love making things like this. Usually, though I never fell that I have enough time.

However, recently, for my daughter’s birthday party I was looking at party bags and boxes. I wanted something personalised but everything I looked at was not quite right.

Eventually, I found some personalised party boxes but I couldn’t find the right theme or picture at first. Once I did find some there was either too much information and was very expensive or not enough information. So, then I decided to do my own.

Below is a really simple guide to making them.

What you need?

1. Party boxes     ‘


2. Avery Labels

‘ aff=”]​

3. Colour printer ‘

4. Laptop to design your label

What to do?
  1. Design your label on your laptop including any personalised messages.
  2. Once you have received your labels, you can download your label template. Follow this link to get your template: and then you just enter the code on the labels packet.
  3. Adjust your design so that it fits in the template and print.
  4. Peel the labels and add to the box and its done!

The best thing about this was that the labels matched the homemade invitations that I had made too.

I made the invitations using the same design as the labels. I printed it onto A4 card and manually cut them out.

I also just used the design I made and WhatsApped it to people. Personalised and economical!

However, if that is still too much effort because I’ve realised parties are hard work, get in touch using the form below and I might be able to make some for you.

This post may contain affiliate links for which I receive a small commission.

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