My Top 5 Posts For 2017

I thought I would summarise my blogging year for 2017 with my top 5 most read posts this year.  For a few years now, I have been posting every Friday for which I feel quite proud. Until you read how there are other bloggers who write nearly every day or even more than once a day! People blog for a variety of reasons though so for now I’m happy with once a week.

Originally, when I started posting on Fridays, it was with the intention of writing the post live on the Friday. But the more I read and learn about blogging and how to make it interesting, the longer it takes to actually post a blog.

I’m still trying to find a niche that combines what I like writing about with what is popular and actually gets read.  This led me to looking at my stats for which posts gets the most views.  Below are my top 5 for 2017:

1.She Means Business by Carrie Green

I really enjoyed reading this book and this is one of the first books I read which combined the idea of imagining or believing that you have the success/ ideal day and your business.  The first part of the book about conditioning yourself for success is the most interesting and still the most highlighted part of this book. I would still recommend this book.

2. My Obituary to my Uncle

This is quite a personal post and it was posted about 3 years ago. I’m surprised it still gets read. I know when I’m writing condolence cards I sometimes google to think about what to write so maybe the title is catchy enough to get viewed.

3. My top 5 Accounting Blogs

I might do an update or variation to this post.  When you start looking, you end up finding so many blogs or websites that I find interesting. Or at least as interesting as accounting blogs can get!

4. Why pay Class 3 National Insurance?

I think National Insurance is so confusing and when you’re working for yourself you are responsible for making sure all of this is correct.  Class 3 NI is a voluntary contribution. You pay this if you have gaps in your national insurance but still want to get the full state benefits when you need it. However, if you’re self-employed, paying Class 2 is much better.

5. The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle

Another book review made the Top 5 of 2017.  This is a really good book and his follow up book The Little book of Talent is amazing.  I created a 17 point chart highlighting what I gleaned from the book.  You can download this here:Cultivating your talent in 17 steps

So I think I will continue with book reviews plus I love reading books anyway. But I don’t think I can do a review a week so I will need to think about what else to blog about.

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