My blogging life

It’s almost two weeks since I went to #BML17 and my blogging life is still going strong.  This conference inspired me so much to keep blogging. For about two years, I had thought about going to this conference. At the last minute, though, I would chicken out and make excuses as to why I wouldn’t have been able to go anyway.  This year I thought, if I don’t go now, I’ll never go. And I made it and I want to go to more!

I’ve picked up so many helpful tips and resources after going to the conference and I’m obviously suffering from SOS – Shiny Object Syndrome. I’m almost wondering when I will have time to read everything that I’ve bookmarked. Plus I’ve discovered a new hobby although, since coming back home, trying to find the time to paint on top of everything else is another thing altogether.


I still want to blog.  I’m not sure what I want to achieve by blogging and so far I’ve been happy going along blogging and writing away as a cathartic exercise to relieve all the demons.  The thought of monetising my blog feels like I’m selling myself out but with both of my girls at school now I feel there is less of a reason to be at home and just blog.

I do some work from home but I think I really need increase my work or maybe earn money from my blogs. After the blogging conference, there were so many things that I could quite happily write lots about and if I’m really that excited about something and I can earn money from writing about it, surely that’s not a bad thing?

Firstly, I need to do a review of the stats of my blog I guess. Then work out if I’m good enough to get paid work and then go from there.  Based on that, I’ve joined a few free courses and looking at some other paid courses and I will see what happens.  However, at the moment, I’m still an accountant and tax return season has started so that is my first priority for now.


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