#BML17 and still on a high

I’m still reeling from #BML17. It was my first time at a blogging conference and it was so amazing. I wasn’t totally sure what to expect and what I was hoping to achieve by going there. Maybe some tips for my blog as I am looking to make some changes or maybe meet a few people. If all else fails, go to some courses that were on, keep my head down and hopefully learn a few things.

Sketchbook Club
An amazing picture of a bird by Nisha

I was hoping to get some clarity in where I’m going with my blog. I’ve got so many ideas and I think they were all kind of coming together and I was hoping for some flash of inspiration to bring it all together. Something that I could throw all my energy into. Instead, I came back wanting to do even more things. Who knew I could draw a bird? Sketchbook club did! I even missed one session because I was so into drawing and painting my bird. Obviously I now want to be an artist.

Wear white again
Stop your heavy period, period.

There were so many courses to choose from. I almost wish I could redo the day again but attend the other courses that I missed out on. When I read that I could get my nails done, that became a priority. I can’t remember the last time I had my nails professionally painted. They look amazing and it was for a good cause. Wearwhiteagain.co.uk are trying to bring awareness for sufferers of heavy period and that there is help for it. They highlighted that you don’t have to suffer in silence or miss out on things because of your heavy periods. Nationally there are at least 1 in 5 sufferers from heavy periods which is why my one nail is a different colour.

I learnt a lot about eczema too which was sponsored by La Roache-Posay. I think I will read more and write about that in a separate blog. The doctor who did that talk, Consultant Dermatologist John Harper, was really good and knowledgeable and engaging and I came back with some free samples that I will try on my girls.

Other Sessions

Other sessions I went to were Facebook for bloggers Alison Battisby from Avocado Social. I now have a sign-up button on my Facebook page. The next session I went to was the Pinterest session by Lizzie Sibley and I discovered that there is a new search functionality that you can use by taking a picture of something. I went to a workshop on Instagram flat lays by Alison Perry of Not another Mummy Blog and Rachel Southern of The Ordinary Lovely and heard about some of their secrets. I’m not telling but I might be taking more pictures like this:

Flat Lay and #AmINumber5 nails
Focusing on the green things.
Picking out the purple and gold






The first talk I went to was by Geek Fairy who is mostly self-taught which was inspiring in itself. Another inspiring session was the talk by three artists – Jennie Maizels of Sketchbook Club, Rich McCor of Paperboyo and Sean Byrne of Byrne Photography. I also had a 1-1 talk with a Digital Mum Social Media Manager, Annika Iantosca. So now I want to be a Digital Mum social media manager, an artist(Ha!) and a photographer on top of carrying on as a part time accountant and a mum! Nothing like confusing myself even more.

I was also slightly dumbstruck meeting (well seeing) all these blogging superstars. I was still too much in awe to actually speak to them even though I’d read tips on how to strike up a conversation with them. However, I think I had rehearsed it so much that it didn’t seem authentic any more. Maybe next time I will be more courageous!

Keynote Speakers

Finally, the last part of the day were the keynote speakers. They were all mostly funny apart from Laura Steer from Little Ladies Big World. Her speech on losing her baby and how it happened was so heart-breaking.

I didn’t go to the BiBs awards. I hadn’t planned it so well as you can see from this post. However, after being up since 4am, I was glad to get home and into bed early. Apart from feeling cold all day and wishing there were tables to eat off, I spent the whole of Sunday wishing I could do it all again. If nothing else, it was the first time in a long time that I had done something not work related or kids related and just for myself. For that alone I loved being at the conference – everything else was an added bonus.




2 thoughts on “#BML17 and still on a high

  1. So sorry I didn’t get the chance to say hi (or maybe I did and didn’t realise). It sounds like you had a great time and it is really lovely to hear it from the perspective of a newbie x


    1. I’m not sure either. I do remember seeing your little one though.
      I found the conference really good. I had been contemplating for a few years to come and I’m so glad I finally made it. Hopefully, I can make it to more and actually talk to more people!


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