Youngest daughter is now off to school

I can’t quite believe that my youngest daughter is now off to school. Today is the last day of half days for settling into school. From next week both my daughters are at school. Freedom! Woo hoo!  A little part of me is quite glad that school has started and we can get back into a routine. Another part of me is feeling a bit sad that this phase of childhood is over. It’s strange when something is over I want to go back and recapture it, hold onto it a little bit longer.

Holiday Clubs

During the summer holidays this year, I didn’t book any clubs or do anything like that and I thought I would somehow do my work – the bare minimum – around the girls and then go out and do things with them.  The first few weeks were ok because we went on holiday and then we stayed over at my mums. Towards the end, we were all going loopy. I think for next year, I might put them in some sort of holiday club for a week, just to have a break, and to catch up on work.

Plan C

Last year, my youngest was still at nursery 3 days a week and I put my older daughter into clubs on a few odd days here and there. I felt that it was a bit of a waste of time and money though, especially as I work from home. Its somehow always easier with one child at home rather than both.  I am definitely looking into plan C for next year. I plan to send them into holiday clubs for a week even if its just to break up the summer holidays and have a routine for a week.

Dance Show

Apart from going loopy and going Fuerteventura, we spent a lot of time at my mum’s house. It was strange because in some ways it almost felt like I was reliving my childhood. I was taking the girls to dance practices at the local community centre where I used to go to.  That wasn’t the plan at the beginning of the holidays. My friend asked if I was doing anything and if I was interested in my girls taking part in a dance show. I think I said yes in a heartbeat! It was quite nice meeting up with my friends every week too on the premise of dance practice. To be honest, I think I had just as much fun as the girls did. The holiday ended with a dance show and trophies which was quite nice for them.

Back to work

Trying to get back into a work mood after the break seems quite hard.  I have mixed feelings about the summer holidays.  Sometimes I think 6 weeks holiday is too long. However, the girls are still young and so it’s quite nice for them to have a break. But then its not fair on parents trying to juggle work with school holidays. I am lucky to be able to work from home.

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