Back from sunny Fuerteventura

This year we decided to go on holiday for 10 days to sunny Fuerteventura. I was a bit unsure about 10 days.  Wouldn’t we get bored? What are we going to do for 10 whole days in the same place? But it actually went quite fast. 

This was the first time we did some activities outside the hotel.  We spent one day on the beach although my youngest didn’t like the sand being on her and kept washing the sand off herself in the sea every few minutes.  In the middle of the holidays we did a day trip to the zoo for one day . This was really good and included a camel ride and a sea-lion show.  We could easily have spent longer at the zoo if we didn’t have a coach to catch. I managed to get through 3 books (or 2 and 2 halves) which has got to be the most since having kids and I had so much sleep. 

The first few days of the holiday I just spent sleeping. In the run up to the holiday I was working late and sorting stuff out around the house before we went away. Just because holidays seem to give the impetus to get some of the odd straggly jobs done.  Plus, I think I generally need to sleep more anyway.

Since coming back though it feels a bit crap.  I’ve done most of the holiday laundry and some of the work I needed to do but there’s still more work to catch up on and also need to make a start on the tax returns.  By this time most years I’ve got some of the easier tax returns done and out of the way. 

Still recovering from malware attack

This year, partly because of the malware attack a few months ago, I’m still going through recovering my work.  There were some things that I had saved on the hard drive that has gone forever and so I think I will need to replicate that somehow.  Payroll for the year being one of the major ones. I’m sure I filed everything that I needed to before it all disappeared but I can’t find one P60 so I need to do that again.  I also need to start planning for back to school uniform, sports kit, shoes etc. I keep thinking I have time but before I know it, the girls will be back to school and I’ll be stuck in a queue trying to get feet measured.

Plans for more sleep

Every time I go on holiday I want to come back to a changed new me after having some sort of life changing epiphany. This year like all other years I’ve had no break-through but I have decided I probably need to ease up on myself and not try and do everything before I go bed.  I need to decide what’s important – including sleep and stop staying up late and waking up early trying to fit everything in.

I’m obsessed with making plans and writing up a routine and creating lists but I’m not very good at following it or even just going with the flow when unexpected things happen.  This year or at least for the rest of this year, I’m going to try and focus on sleep and making sure I get in around 7 hours a night and hope that everything else somehow falls into place.

This was originally posted on Accountingweb on the 1st August 2017. I’ve currently lost the willpower and time to think of new things to write about and looking forward to the girls going back to school!


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