My top 5 inspiring teachers

Here are my top 5 inspiring teachers I’ve had so far. Not all of them are school teachers but they are definitely people who left a big impact on my learning journey.

  1. Gig Payne

Gig Payne was my dance teacher.  Before I met her, I didn’t care much about Bharatanatyam.  I didn’t really care much about exercise or any form of physical activity of any sort really.  I used to be the last to be picked for any sports team, last in cross country running and about average in every other sport.  Sports day was the one day of the week I dreaded. The weekly PE lessons were always cold and too much effort getting changed and I was always looking for a way to get out of it.

At 18, we had an opportunity at our school to do a weekly dance lesson for 10 weeks in place of one of our PE lessons and I thought I’d give it a go and it was the best thing ever.  After Gig, I have met other inspiring dance teachers including Chitraji, Viji and Leena Patel but it was Gig Payne who ignited the passion of dancing and in Bharatanatyam for me.

  1. Mrs Mumford

When we started high school we all had to do a foreign language and were put into groups without a choice.  I got German.  I didn’t really care about it one way or other but our German teacher, Mrs Mumford made it really enjoyable and interesting and the whole class were really good at it.  In our GCSE, I don’t think anyone got less than a B and that was only one person. She really was amazing.

  1. Jayntibhai (Sir)

I used to go Gujarati schools on Saturday and he used to teach me there but he was also a Maths teacher and when I was doing my Maths A-levels, he used to tutor me on the weekends.  I can’t really pinpoint anything specific that made him stand out but I feel that I learnt so much from him and I’m so lucky to have been taught by him. BTW, Sir is not a reference to any knighthood he should receive but what we called the teacher in respect.

  1. Chemistry Tutor

The worst thing is I can’t remember his name. I only knew him for about 2 years while I was doing my Chemistry A-Levels.  I’m not sure how I got to know him but he made the most complicated chemical formulas seem so simple and easy to learn and practice and remember and I got an A in my A-levels.

  1. Pat Nown

Another teacher who made something that was so complicated for me into simple really easy to understand steps. Pat Nown taught me tax when I was studying for my ACCA and she made it very methodical and uncomplicated. It was from her that I became interested in tax.

So that’s my list of top 5 teachers.  It’s interesting to note that most of them were when I was at high school, between the ages of 14 to 18, apart from Pat Nown.  Something to think about when choosing schools for my girls. Looking through it, two of the main things that they all have in common are that they love their subject and they can all make it seem very simple and easy to understand.


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