Summer Holidays are coming….

Most summer holidays so far, I’ve tried to plan and re-plan and schedule the holidays as best as possible. This is so that the girls are not completely bored and also so they don’t forget what they have learnt so far.  However, this summer holiday I’ve not planned anything at all. This summer holiday I’ve decided to just go with the flow and see what happens.

No Holiday Clubs

I’ve not put them in any holiday clubs and I think it will be too late now to try and find anything.  We’re going away for 10 days so that covers almost 2 weeks.  I’m hoping to spend a few days at my mums and then their other grandparents come back from holiday towards the end of the summer so that should help a bit.


They’re a bit older so they have the ability to listen to me when I say be quiet. Whether they do or not is another thing. For the rest of the holidays, they have the garden to play in if they want and I can come out and work in the garden to keep an eye on them.  In theory, this summer holidays will be fantastic.  I’m not entirely sure how long this fantasy will last.  Usually after two weeks I’m glad to have them back at school and back into a routine.  I will try and go places with them.

Endless Food Supply

The hardest part of the holidays is the amount of food I need to have.  They turn into some sort of two mouthed eating monster and constantly want food.  Plus on top of that they are so fussy.  What they couldn’t live without one week and we run out of mid week, turns into something they truly hate a couple weeks later.

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