Mehndi Night!

My daughters are so excited about the wedding this weekend. The first thing they were looking forward to for almost two months was the mehndi night. Finally, they got their mehndi done on Tuesday night. My youngest daughter’s mehndi really is beautiful. She managed to keep her hand straight and refused to take it off, doing everything possible to keep it on in order to make it last longer.

Take it off

My older daughter on the other hand, couldn’t wait to get it off. I think she was only excited about it because my younger daughter was. She then asked me a million times how long she had to keep it on for. Obviously, I told her as long as possible, just to wind her up! We both ended up taking ours off half an hour later!


My younger daughter kept it on until we got home and got some more done as hers kept smudging when people bumped into her hand etc. I like mehndi but mine got squashed when I went to move my bangles and then I got annoyed. My younger daughter still can’t stop talking about it and almost can’t wait to go to nursery with it on. My older daughter keeps asking if there is any dancing at every function we go to.

Five functions

At the start of the wedding season, the thought of going to about 5 functions for a wedding is scary and tiring but once your ready, meeting everyone and catching up and just generally having fun turns out to be quite good. I say this while I’m still half heartedly packing for the wedding tomorrow.

Looking into the future

It’s still a lot of work and I’m still trying to work out what part is religious and what is tradition especially since by the time my girls get married (if they get married), there will be a lot of things that I just won’t know and if it’s not important, I’m hoping I won’t have to do. It’s still a long, long way away now but then I think of my nephew who’s already a teenager. I remember staying up all night rocking him to sleep the day his sister was born and now he’s a teenager!


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