A busy fortnight

In my last personal blog, I said I was doing a frugal week and I think, even if I didn’t manage to curb my spending that much, I did become more conscious of what I spent it on.   You can read more about it here on the Accountingweb blog, as well as my usual moans about MTD and it raining at 3pm, just in time for the school run.

Anyway, the next thing I need to do is try and ebay loads of things that I don’t need. The whole thing is such a hassle, taking photos, uploading it, attempting to sell it and then packaging it all and selling it. It’s all so much hard work! And then after all that, the amount you get paid, after their commission and PayPals commission, it almost doesn’t seem worth it. But it’s just on that one off chance that one of them might be worth lots and you finally make a breakthrough.
This week has been a strange week. The week before, I had a brilliant routine of work, exercise, cooking, and writing and everything went really well. This week, just because of one thing after another, I’ve not been able to make any progress whatsoever and it’s already Friday! I’ve spent most of this week struggling to stay awake and motivated. I’ve been day dreaming about sleep and I don’t think I’ve had less sleep than I normally do so I’ve no idea why I’m struggling this week. Must be old age! And now instead of spending time on a Friday with my youngest daughter, I’m going to have to spend most of today getting my work done.
Working from home
Sometimes, I hate the fact I work at home because everyone seems to think I have lots of time to do other things. Most of the time I’m happy to help out when I can but maybe because I’ve been tired this week, I’ve just found everything to be 10x harder. Other times, usually when one of the daughters’ is ill, or the school has something on, I’m so glad I work from home. This week was also the first time I went out for a meal with the new school mums. I still call it new school, even though my daughters been there for quite a while now. It was nice getting to know some of the mums and working out who’s mum’s who.  It’s a bigger school than the last one, so there’s so much more to remember.
The budget
In other news, it was budget day on Wednesday, although there was nothing amazing to report back. Class 4 NI is going up for the self employed but Class 2 is eventually going to be scrapped.  MTD is going to be delayed by about a year for small companies which is a relief.  You can read more about the budget here which also has some interesting stats if you carry on to the bottom.
No wonder my week disappeared so quickly, although I still can’t work out why I’m so tired. Anyway, I’m going to end this post before I fall asleep talking and obsessing about sleep.
An inspiring quote to get you through a Friday!

2 thoughts on “A busy fortnight

  1. Hello Nisha

    Great blog and I also like the new look of your blog.

    On ebay, I use it to get rid of my clutter. It has been a real help. I agree, it is a hassle but I then have a clutter free home. A good way to recycle.

    I am aiming for a minimalist home/living for a less stressful life.


    1. Thanks. I’ve tried to make it look a bit cleaner but worried it might look a bit boring so it might change again soon!
      Clutter free home sounds good. That’s my plan eventually.


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