Where did half term go?

Having a week off from the school run was bliss. No early morning wake ups, rushing around to get ready and breakfasted, everything was a little more chilled out in the mornings.  By the afternoons though I was wishing the girls were back at school and nursery. They would start bickering about something really small and call me every two minutes to tell on each other.  Then we went out a few times and then it felt like all too soon the half term was over and we didn’t even really relax that much.

Monday, I thought would be the worst day back to school and in terms of tiredness I think that was true. However, on Monday only, we were all ready early.  The rest of the week we were rushing around trying to get out of the house on time.  Once they are out, the house is peaceful and it’s so nice to be able to just get on with your work without having to worry about how long I have before I get disturbed or before we are off to do whatever we had planned for that day.

Finding time

As I was planning and getting back into a routine I was thinking of how I would fit in more work if I wanted to.  I got my time table that I‘ve used before in the past and filled in all the times that are used up with work and school runs and after school activities.  I’m not even sure why they already have so much after school activity although I do wish there was more at their school rather than at different places.

Anyway, once I filled all this in I didn’t really have a lot of extra time to be honest.  If for whatever reason I did have to work on a more regular basis, I think a lot of after school activities would have to stop and I would probably need to put them in after care clubs.  I should work out the costs of everything and see what it all comes to.

A frugal week

Another thing I was thinking of doing especially after reading lots of articles about frugality was to do my own one week of frugality including the weekend.  Apart from milk and bread and other basics I don’t want to buy anything for one week and see how much I save. 

It’s only week of not spending and I’m not including direct debits but I’m going to see how much I can stop myself from spending. Give amazon and Tesco’s a break! It would be easy to spend the money on whatever I stopped myself in this week to buy it the following week. However, considering I’ve been thinking about it for two weeks and have been putting it off because I want to get the uniform and school shoes out of the way before I do, I’ve run out of excuses and should make a start.

I’m using this spreadsheet to track my spending for a week: Week of not spending

I’m using this spreadsheet to track where my time goes in the week: Weekly timetable

And here’s the article that inspired me to have a frugal week.

A quote about frugality


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