New Year’s Resolutions

We’re half way through January and it almost seems a bit late to be talking about new year’s resolutions but for the last three years I’ve been recording and keeping a track of my new years resolution and every year they seem to be basically the same: lose weight, do more exercise, eat healthily, be a good mum, work harder – and this year is more or less the same.

Recently, I read an article in the newspaper about generation x (the one I fall into, I think) and how unambitious they are. I’m not sure that’s entirely true. When I was younger I was fairly ambitious about making my way up the career ladder – but since having kids, what I want has become a lot more confusing. I want to be a full time mum and have a full time career, but the more I think about it, the more I’ve realised that where I am right now is good for now and I’m quite content.

Maybe later on when the girls are older, I might want something different but I can refocus then and I don’t need to have it all worked out right now. I should know by now that things will always change, regardless of how much I plan and think and rethink.

I think mindfulness and meditation are having an effect on me at the moment. So even though it’s a new year, and the time of the year when I normally start twitching and wanting to do something new, I’m going to resist and just keep going as I am but be a little better at it than last year.

Although, the slow panic of getting all the self assessment tax returns done in time is starting to creep up.

6 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions

  1. I felt exactly the same way. I left a high profile Finance Director role when I had my children but them decided that mothrrhood was more improtant to me than money or status. It’s funny when you realise that your old ambitions are no longer there, but I feel that I found the true path top happiness when I decided to be a full time mum and part time business owner


  2. Goals are good and at least help you focus on what you want to do in the coming year! I gave up work to be at home with my son (he is now 19 and my daughter is 16) and although I worked at home for a while running my husbands business, I do love to be at home for them even now!!! They still benefit from me being here! xx


  3. I’ve given up on New Years resolutions, especially the losing weight one! January is exactly the time you want to eat yummy stodgy stuff so no wonder we’re all depressed in January if we’re trying to live on salads! 😄 X


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