Debt Trap

Everyone knows that money troubles are stressful, but have you ever thought about how family debt could impact on children?  You want to protect your children from worries and let them have an idyllic carefree childhood but when you have money worries, you tend to argue a lot as a couple. You wonder how you are going to make ends meet before you are back in overdraft in less than a week after pay day.  You are constantly stressed and worried and any slight wrong move by anyone can have you lashing out at the ones you love.

It’s not a great place for you to be in and its most definitely not a great place to bring up kids in.  When you look at the statistics, it is shocking that in the UK there are 2.4 million children living in families who have fallen into problem debt. That’s a huge number. In some cases children are going without basics such as food, clothing or heating, as well as suffering worry, anxiety and bullying.  Whatever the reason for debt, your children shouldn’t have to suffer.

So @thechildrenssociety is trying to help protect children from #DebtTrap by calling for a breathing space scheme for families struggling with debt.  To find out more follow this link or to show your support and sign the petition follow this link.

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