Dream Week

Recently, I’ve read a lot of things about envisioning your dream day and all the things you would do on your dream day and then working backwards in an attempt to achieve it. I decided to give it a go. I got my pen and paper and tried to plan my dream day doing all the things I would love doing inbetween the school runs and after school activities.

The only problem with this is that I want to do too many things. In an ideal world, my dream day would include school runs, after school activities, making freshly cooked meals, exercise, meditation, work, spending quality time with the girls, reading, blogging, doing some housework (just because it has to be done) and relaxing.

In the morning between 6-9, my time is taken up with getting ready, getting the girls ready, feeding them breakfast and getting them to school. From about 2.45pm, I’m busy again with the school run,  after school activities or just spending time with the girls with their homework etc. Next is feeding them, cleaning and other house work and getting the girls ready for bed and putting them to sleep. Assuming they’re in bed for 8ish, that’s five and half hours gone in the evening,

Once the girls are asleep, I just want to chill and relax and not really do any work if I don’t have to.  I usually eat, clean up and ideally relax, read and go sleep around 10.30/11pm at the latest.

Now between 9 and 2.45 I have just under 6 hours to do some work.  In reality, this is quite a lot of time but I only have three days as the younger one is still at home for two days of the week.  And if I also want to fit in other stuff like exercise, meeting up with my younger daughters friends or going places with my younger daughter, this can reduce the time I have to work.  Exercise should take an hour, cooking and cleaning can easily take up 2-3 hours which only really leaves 2 hours to do any work.

In reality, even if I could do only 2 hours of work 3 days a week, this doesn’t really happen.  Every day of the week is different with different after school activities taking up different amount of time, appointments or any other out of the ordinary events changing everything.  I usually end up cooking once I’ve picked up the girls after quickly popping to the shops realizing I don’t have that one ingredient I needed to make tonight’s dinner.

For exercise, I’m usually lucky if I can squeeze in an hour, a couple of times a week and if I don’t exercise too hard then maybe I can get away without having another shower.  Work ends up being sometimes late into the night so I can get big chunks done in one go and then replying to the odd emails here and there.  Plus some of the work,  such as tax returns tend to be seasonal, at the moment. The rest of the things I want to do gets done as and when, cleaning in particular is the most effective in the hour before someone says they are coming over.

Maybe a dream week would be easier to plan. You can then have a day or evening off to look forward to and working late into the night on some days wouldn’t then be so bad.  I know this period from September to end of January is mad hectic with festivals, birthdays and tax returns on top of normal every day life and this year has been particularly crazy with everything that’s happened.  But the more I plan, the calmer I feel so in not going to give up.

I’ve attached a link to help plan your dream week here.  I know it starts at 4am as this too has been in the papers recently – Superwomen starting their day early to get everything done.  I’m not saying you need to do this but don’t forget this is your dream week and in your dream week you can plan what ever you want and replan as many times as you want.

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