Another Eventful Month

Just when you’re looking forward to  some routine and a little bit of peace, something else comes along to shake it all up again. With it being Diwali month, it was never going to be peaceful anyway but we managed to squeeze in a week’s holiday during the girls half term holiday without missing anything important. Or so we thought. On our welcome back home we were greeted with a burgled house. The strangest thing was, they just came into our bedroom, ransacked the room, took some jewelry and money and left without setting off the alarm. I’m almost in awe. How skilled and lucky must they be? And how foolish were we about it all?

We’ve upped our  security since then and put more alarm sensors around the house. Not sure how helpful that will be but it’s definitely a peace of mind.  Now we’re just going through the long process of getting the insurance claim through for the damages and the loss.

While writing this, I still feel nervous about any little sound that I hear especially at night and wonder what would have happened if we had been in the house . Would they have still attempted to come in? I’m sure it’s because we were not in but I can’t help wonder and recreate nightmare scenarios if things were  different. Compared to my overactive imagination, I think we got away quite lightly!

I also think I need to be more secure with client files and work information I keep at home . I have a metal filing  cabinet where I keep everything but I’ve become a bit slack about locking it. I think I need to keep my laptop secure when I’m not in the house too.

I’m sure it will be fine and the neighbours are really nice and friendly and were shocked to hear about the burglary. One of our neighbours came over with flowers to wish us a happy Diwali and also as something to cheer us up after the burglary. This gives you hope in mankind especially when you are constantly bombarded in the news of all the bad things that are happening around the world.

surveillance camera front of modern building,blue toned.

2 thoughts on “Another Eventful Month

  1. How awful! This is one of my big fears (although we live in a top floor flat so if they want to cart all our stuff down with them, I say good luck). I’m glad they didn’t ransack your house. So sad that we have to worry about it though. #MMBC


  2. Hi Nisha, it must have been awful for you to return from holiday to find your house had been burgled. I’d be exactly like you and wary of every sound I heard right at the moment. It’s nice that you have the support of your neighbours, and that they have helped to restore a little faith in human nature for you.

    Thank you for linking up with the #MMBC.



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