Blog Aspirations

I have been thinking for a while that I want to improve my blog website by making it look pretty, have an opt in that works and I understand, a few free downloads and e-books and maybe even a e-book for two that you can purchase.  I can then justify all the time and money I have spent on my blog so far.

Ideally, I just want to get everything I mentioned above into place so that I can just write, update a few things and somehow get a passive income stream or two coming in.  But the more I read about it, the more confusing and difficult it seems and there are so many things that you can do and add to your blogs.  For example the fonts and colours you use are so important! I don’t even know what fonts or colour theme I use apart from wanting to have purple in there.  And I’ve not even started looking at copyrights and all the legal side of this but its on the list of things I need to do on my blog.

My top 5 plans for the blog for the moment are:

  1. Create an opt in (I think its sounds more impressive than it actually is)
  2. Create an email linked to my blog
  3. Make my website look nice
  4. Get more followers and understand the social media side of it
  5. Focus on my niche and what I want to do on this blog

Ambitious plans I think, considering I’m struggling to even sort my emails out!  This is how un-technical I am when it comes to websites and anything to do with computers.  Also, when I’m researching and looking for more information, a million pop ups come up saying join my blog and I will teach you how to do this and that, but how many of these can you join and when are you going to have the time to read or listen or watch whatever it is they are selling?

Anyway, I’m off to read more crap about opt-ins and linking it to an email and what to put on my emails. Hmmm…


2 thoughts on “Blog Aspirations

  1. Hello Nisha

    I understand and respect your points on making your blog as a passive source of income. From very little I have read about it, it is very difficult and time consuming to get it going. Once you have built a readership/followers that is when the money bit starts.

    I decided it is better time investment to increase my earnings from my practice. I just blog because it helps me a lot.


    1. To be honest, it will most likely carry on just being a blog where I keep writing and the passive income side will most likely not happen but I can keep dreaming!


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