The dangerous afternoon slump

The afternoon slump as its called is starting to overcome me.  I’m struggling to keep my eyes open and I’m starting to feel cold. I’ve put the heater on which doesn’t help my sleepiness but I could just put my head down for a few seconds and have a nap.  Or maybe get a coffee or coke to keep me going.  Whatever, it doesn’t really matter.  I’m only sitting in front of the computer.  It’s not like last week when I was driving back from my mums. 

The afternoon slump in front of the wheel was scary to say the least.  I don’t think I’ve ever felt this tired while driving and I have driven at this time before.  It was a good job that I was on my own with no kids in the car but then I just read an article in the Readers’ Digest about how one woman killed her husband and two daughters when she fell asleep at the wheel.  I was in tears reading this.  I’m always tired.  Not to this extreme but I can get tired.  I don’t want to do what that woman did. Ever. I never want to be in that situation. Even if I miss out on something, I want to get enough sleep.  And especially on days when I know I have a long drive ahead of me. 

This weekend, I drove back from London with my husband and two girls in the car.  All of them had fallen asleep.  I was fine and wide awake.  But what if I wasn’t?  I need to make sure I am prepared for these circumstances.  Last week when the sleep seemed to overcome me, I had just gone past the last service station, I had no coke or coffee or any other drinks in the car that I could use to keep me awake and when I got home, I lay down on the sofa and fell asleep for an hour before I had to go and pick up my daughter from school.  I have never fallen asleep instantly like I did that day. Things is, I wouldn’t have even really given it another thought.  Maybe passed it off as an embarrassing one off hoping it won’t happen again.  It wasn’t until I read that article that the enormity of the whole situation hit me. 

Sleep and preparation is so important.


6 thoughts on “The dangerous afternoon slump

  1. I have the opposite problem in trying to get to sleep. It is normally about 3:30 am before I drop off.

    Try and get as much rest as you need. As you say, for the sake of your family. Keep well.


  2. It’s amazing how little sleep I can sometimes get compared to my time pre kids, but yet my responsibilities have probably became much more. Bed and sleeping cannot be rated highly enough but I don’t think it’s truly appreciated until after you’ve had kids!!


  3. I know the feeling! I appreciate every minute I spend in my bed, as I don’t get to see it for long with my little monkey!

    Thanks for joining in with #MMBC Hope you can make it next week x


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