Back to school and back to work…

Now that the girls are back at school I feel like I can get into some sort of routine.  Especially after the crazy year we have had so far, I’m hoping that with routine, I will have more time which means I can think about doing more work.

For a while, I liked the idea of doing seasonal work and maybe focussing on doing just personal tax returns and getting more work that way.  This would allow me to have time with the girls over the summer holidays and most of the year but maybe get a bit busy over the Christmas period although if planned well, maybe not even that. 

However, once Making Tax Digital is fully implemented, I’m not sure how much seasonal work there will be.  I’ve not fully read up on MTD but at the moment, it does seem a like a lot more work.  I suppose once processes are in place and you’re on top of the bookkeeping (which I’m starting to hate), it should all fall into place but at the moment all the tax returns I do are dealt with at the year end.  Considering I do a few hours work at the end of the year, doing tax returns four times a year seem like more work and more fees.  This is good if I can get the fees, not so great if I can’t.  I know there are some exemptions and I’ve not fully read all the documents regarding MTD but at the moment it seems more hard work than it’s worth and so yet again I wonder if it’s worth carrying on paying all these ACCA fees etc. and being self-employed or whether I should consider part time work instead. If I can find something I like.

I know I’m being pessimistic and possibly shirking hard work but I think I’ve had enough of all these (mainly) American inspirational TED talks about seeing a problem as an opportunity. I want to be peed off and depressed about it all. For now.

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