The last few days of the summer holidays

At the beginning of the holidays I was wondering how I was going to cope with both girls for six whole weeks.  However, its now almost over and I’m feeling a little sad about it and almost wish the holiday would start again.  It’s not been perfect and I’ve had a little help (more than I would like to admit!)  from the TV and Ipad and grandparents taking them but otherwise it’s been quite nice having the girls at home.  We’ve not done as much school work as I had hoped and we’ve been quite busy trying to get things repaired and updated around the house. But I’ve loved having lie in and not rushing breakfast, and just spending nearly all day chilling. 

However, I’m definitely not going to miss cooking 3 times a day and preparing a million (hopefully healthy) snacks throughout the day and a part of me is looking forward to having some time to myself, even if time to myself means working without being disturbed every 5 minutes and being able to take or make a phone call without trying to deal with random sign language and loud whispering!

I’ve also been able to go to early morning Bikram Yoga and have been able to go to the gym as I don’t need to fit these in between school runs and making sure they eat and get to bed on time.  I will miss being able to do this but I want to carry on doing exercise.  I’m going to attempt to plan my life for the next four months to fit everything in and also plan for all the events that will happen such as both my daughter birthdays, Christmas, Diwali and tax return deadlines.  Although every time I do plan there are always some last minute crazy things that happen in my life. I will have to do my utmost not to freak out!

Anyway, to start off with, I’m going to catch up on work, the subcontract work, I’ve mainly been on top off but just going to check that I am up to date with it all.  Then I’m going to send out email to the few clients I have for them to send in their tax return information in.  Finally, get up to date with my CPD.  And all of this in between, school runs, after school clubs, homework, and my big mission in trying to get fit and healthy. Ha! During Diwali?  Definitely need to work on my will power if I want to get slim!

I can feel a huge planner coming out trying to timetable everything into my life! For now, in an attempt to go with the flow and enjoy the last few days of the holidays, I’m off to make cupcakes with the girls.

You will never have this day with yourchildren

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