My top 10 parenting tips – gleaned from parenting manuals and courses

From the number of books and online courses that I’ve read, I feel like I should be a parenting guru myself in theory. In practice, it is a so much more harder and I’m not even sure why.  From the books that I have read and which I will review at a later date, some of the things that I’ve noted include:

1.       Don’t spend all your time talking to them from behind a computer or a mobile phone – have tech free time.

2.       Show unconditional love to your children

3.       Spend time with them and make your family a priority, not an afterthought or once I’ve finished everything I will spend time with them.

4.       Talk to them with the respect and love that you do have for them in other words, don’t take out your days anger on them

5.       Spend time connecting with them

6.       Let them help you with things even if it takes longer for you to get things done

7.       Have a daily family time with your kids and partner

8.       Make time for them, not just taking them from one place to another or making them do their homework but actually talk or do fun things with them.

9.       Make a gratitude list, not a to do list.

10.   Simplify your life.

So far I have read the following books, courses, facebook and blog posts on parenting:

Hands Free Mama – Rachel Macy Stafford (Book, Website, blog)

Great Parenting Show – Jacqueline Green (website and free courses)

The Price of Privilege – Madeline Levine  (I’m still reading this book)

Positive Parenting – toddlers and beyond (Facebook Posts)

Attachment Parenting UK – (Facebook posts)

Constance Hall – (Facebook posts and blog)

 There are also lots of parents that have funny posts and that makes you feel that you are not alone at being a bad parent but these listed above are some of the ones that make you want to be a better mum and a better person in general.  Like I said, in principle it’s great but in reality, it can be a bit hard and dull and seemingly old fashioned to devote your life to your family.  However, when I did take on more work it was stressful to another level so I’m scared to change my work situation too much.  At certain times, when they are young or ill they do need more of your attention and then work and other parts of life get in your way but when they are happy in general and can easily get along then simplifying your life seems to be boring and the need to have and want more kicks in.  But my girls are still young and I don’t like shouting at them, so I do want to make some changes even if I can’t make all of them, even if it means getting bored with what I have for a while.  I’m sure it won’t last forever and I when I look back in nostalgia, it will hopefully be lots of good memories, I will remember.

New house, new school, new start!  I want to keep up the positivity.

Show Unconditional 



One thought on “My top 10 parenting tips – gleaned from parenting manuals and courses

  1. Hello Nisha, I have no doubt what you know what to do. Parenting books just confirm you are doing everything okay. Mums tend to be very self critical.

    I understand the point about sharing your experience with other mums.


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