Last day of school

Yesterday was my eldest daughters last day of her first year at school and what a year it has been.  She started off at private school, moved houses and is now at her local primary school and the amazing thing is, she seems to have taken all this in her stride.  She is generally quite an energetic and excitable child so apart from having to deal with that, everything else has been really good.  Since she spent most of her time at the private school, we received her school report from there a couple of days ago and I was really pleased with it.  I know lots of people who rave on about how proud they are of their child’s school report on Facebook and I used to mentally roll my eyes at them but I think for the first time and with her first school report, I can happily jump in the same boat. 

I know my daughter is quite clever and is quite good at picking up and learning things but you don’t really know until someone else tells you.  Until someone tells you, you think that maybe she should be able to do this anyway and so it’s no big deal and then when the report says she exceeds her expected level, I feel so proud and happy but also worried that I don’t want her to get bored and become a trouble maker or something like that. The control freak in me wants her to sit and do work over the holidays!  But I think I need to ease up on that!

I can’t believe how much she has developed and how much she has learnt and matured and grown up in a space of one year. Sometimes I get cross because she doesn’t listen or gets too excited but apart from that she’s a really good girl who always means to do well. She’s so kind and caring, when she’s allowed to be especially with her little sister. She tries to be helpful when I’m cooking in the kitchen, although being tidy is not her strong point until you tell her to make it look pretty!  And she’s clever as her school report stated.

The first day of the summer holidays are here and I’m enjoying the lie in and the relaxing morning. No rushing around trying to get the girls ready for school. They can spend two hours eating breakfast if they want! I say this now, I’m sure after 6 weeks I’ll be glad to send them back  to school. 

• happy teachers' day •

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