Sports Day Fears

It’s been a while since I last actually wrote a blog on the day it goes out.  Since coming back from India, I’ve had so many back up blogs that it almost felt like a bit of a holiday not blogging on here on a weekly basis!  Yesterday, I went to my daughter’s first Sports Day. My eldest daughter is so competitive that I think I had knots in my stomach wondering how she would react if she failed.  She was fine as long as she got her medal at the end (for taking part).  I was worrying for no reason.  Then I was worried about the mum’s race. I hate running. Sports Day brings back so many miserable memories of coming last in running but it was ok yesterday. I managed to keep up with the other mums, which was all I really wanted.  The dad’s on the other hand were really competitive!

In other news, I am now on a hunt for a nursery near where we live.  The youngest will be finishing nursery at the end of July and then from September, I want to start her in nursery nearby.   There are lots of nurseries to choose from and we’ve been to see 3 so far.  The first one was just one room for all kids from 2-5.  I wasn’t so keen on that.  The second one was walking distance but in the opposite direction to the school, it had lovely facilities and lovely staff but I didn’t really get a feeling for it.  The third one is also good and the one we are most likely to go with.  They seem to have things in place to encourage learning and progress.  However, there is so much traffic around there and parking will be a nightmare. Also, the playground is on the roof!  It is secure obviously but part of me feels a bit scared about it.  There are more nurseries we can look at but it’s only for a year so we don’t want it to be too far away really.

Another positive thing that has happened recently was that I sent in an amended tax return for one client, mainly because she had put all the figures in the wrong boxes and because she had originally completed it herself, there were no accounts to check. When I re did it, it seemed like she had missed out a lot of expenses.  Anyway, I sent it in (although the process of sending it in had changed since I last did anything like this so it took me two attempts before I got all the information HMRC needed in the format they needed it in) and then didn’t really expect anything.  I didn’t even chase it as she was on a payment plan which was based on the lower amended figures that they hadn’t seen yet.   A few days ago, I received a phone call from the client saying she had received a refund and was so grateful for it and it had come at the right time. It’s such a good feeling when I do something like this. The only problem about this now is that I haven’t invoiced her for it yet.  I will do eventually.  Maybe I will include it when I do this year’s tax return because I do know she is struggling for money having recently changed careers.  I will because I have to but I keep changing my mind as to how much to charge her as I feel sorry for her.


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