Mini Break

It’s been a few weeks since my mini break to India.  The fact that I went seems almost a dream but its definitely one of the perks of having a part time, flexible working from home job. I can easily take a week off work.

Since coming back from holiday, my daughter’s started her new school. The children at the new school are so friendly and welcoming. When I ask my daughter which school she likes the most, she says she likes this school which makes me feel a lot better.

This was the biggest thing weighing on my mind for so long I almost feel lost as to what to do with myself now. Not for a lack of things to do. For a start I need to start getting up to date with my cpd, start getting up to date with as many tax returns as I can and start planning the summer holiday break of about two months. I still want to spend time working but I also want to spend time with them.

Although, there always seem to be some last minute changes to anything I plan at the moment and I am feeling a bit sad about the latest votes regarding leaving the EU.  However, the week in India was so unexpected. My life has never been so exciting or strange as it has been this year. There must definitely be something in the air. As exciting as it is, it was also the first time I had left the girls for so long and so far. I know I spend a lot of time craving routine but I’m not taking this away. I’m not sure I’ll ever have a week away like this again.

The tans will fade but the memories will last forever.

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