The Ultimate Blogging Course

This is not my usual Friday morning blog (not sure what gave it away!), but something I thought was useful to promote. A while ago I posted a blog about creating blogs.  See the link here and my last blog also touched upon how I want to make some changes to my blogs.

At around the end of last year, I came across a course called Bloggers MBA.  Recently, I have come across so many ‘Get rich quick’ schemes that I was ready to write it off as one of those.  But then I had a closer look. It does focus a lot on how to make money from your blog which is not a bad thing but it also looks into some of the more technical aspects of blogging and based on that I am happy to promote this course (click on the picture to follow the link):

It’s a reasonably priced blogging course and even if you don’t plan to make money out of your blogs, this will help and guide you through what you should and shouldn’t be doing and so at least you won’t lose money from being sued if you inadvertently do something wrong! (I had no idea about what is and isn’t allowed when posting photos). This course is primarily aimed at how to make money on your blogs and how to automate certain systems so that you can spend more time working on other area of your blog.  It also looks at social media and how to promote your blogs on different social media channels.  Once you go on Pinterest, there are so many more different blogging tips and facts and links that you can check out, although you can go into information overload on this!

Going back to the course, it is an amazing course and it will be starting soon.  Last time I couldn’t finish the course, due to personal circumstances, so I’m looking forward to getting back into it again and hopefully make some more changes to make this blog better.  I believe if you follow this link Bloggers MBA or click on the picture below, you should be able to enrol on this course and then you have a lifetime access to it.



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