My Blog So Far

In the next few months I’m hoping to update my blogs and try and make it look more organised. 

I’m also thinking of looking at different hosting sites, namely squarespace for which I’ve heard a lot of good things about but there’s also 1to1 and GoDaddy which I’m going to look into as well.  WordPress is ok but it is so technical and I don’t really care about that side of things.  I just want to write and add links and go without the added stress of adding other opt ins and working out how they work.

In the meantime, if you’ve missed any of my free downloads, take a look at this page, where you can see all the downloads in one go: Downloads

For my attempts at poetry, I’m thinking of creating a new page but for now, all the poetry I did during the wordpress poetry course started with this one: Poetry Day 1 This free course, I really did enjoy doing.

So far, I’ve done two book reviews, but that too I’m hoping to do more of and I will create a new page for that too. The Playground Mafia  and Thanks for the memories are the book reviews I’ve done so far.

I don’t have any specific accounting things on this website.  This relates more to being a mum and my dilemmas of trying to be a working mum too. This is the bulk of the rest my blog.  For my accounting service, I do have a separate website here:  Q.A.A.S.  This too needs a lot of work in updating it but at the moment, I’m happy to keep it separate.

So that’s it.  That’s my blog as it is now and my hopes for it later on.  Enjoy the recaps! xoxo

ountry Wedding Club

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